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Learn more about Add-On Member Chanell Autrey

Where is your hometown?

I am a proud native Washingtonian. I was born and raised in the Michigan Park neighborhood of Ward 5.

Where did you go to college?

I graduated from Pennsylvania State University with distinction and received my Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, French, and International Studies. In 2012, I graduated from George Washington University Law School and received the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Award, an award given to one member of the graduating class who has demonstrated outstanding performance in and dedication to the field of civil rights and civil liberties.

How long have you been on the DCDSC?

I was elected as an Add-On member in November of 2018. I’m very excited to be serving as a member!

What made you decide to run for the position?

I ran for the position because I believe in our shared Democratic values and want to enhance millennial participation in causes such as statehood, women’s rights, economic inclusion, and affordable housing. I also want to raise the visibility of the DC Democratic Party and support efforts to elect Democratic candidates.

What are you hoping to accomplish during your term?

I was recently appointed co-chair of the Issues and Programming Committee. As co-chair, I hope to highlight important issues, such as education and affordable housing, through meaningful panel discussions. I also would like to assist with voter education and voter turnout, particularly amongst the millennial population.

Why are you a Democrat?

Originally, I became a Democrat because my parents were Democrats. As my political knowledge has evolved, I remain a Democrat because I believe in the party’s values. These values include removing barriers to opportunities by reforming our criminal justice system, protecting the right of all Americans to vote, providing quality and affordable education, and creating jobs for America’s young people. The Democratic party ultimately believes in protecting the values of all individuals, and that aligns with my fundamental beliefs. 

What is your favorite local DC restaurant?

My favorite local restaurant is Brookland’s Finest. They make delicious beignets!

Describe your perfect DC day.

My perfect DC day is spending time with my family. I’m fortunate to live in the vicinity of many family members, so I enjoy days when we get together to play games like Taboo and catch up.

What are some fun facts about yourself?

I am an only child and my favorite cuisine is Italian. When I was growing up, I had a rabbit named Mr. Hoppy. He was a great pet! I now have a cat named Harper. If I had the chance to visit one country right now, I would go to France and travel around the countryside.  

What did you do over the holiday?

Over the holiday, I spent time with my parents and friends. I hosted a pre-Christmas get-together at my place, which was very fun and also made brunch on Christmas Day. Mainly, I relaxed and enjoyed the time off!

Chanell also serves as the Recording Secretary for the Ward 5 Democrats

Chanell also serves as the Recording Secretary for the Ward 5 Democrats