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State Committee Members

Omar Abdul-Malik

Fred Allen

Hugh Allen

Patrick Allen

Sekou Biddle

Anita Bonds

Robert Brandon

Warren Brown

James Bubar

Chuck Burger

Sheila Bunn

MaryEva Candon

Gregory Cendana

Kevin Chavous

Ron Collins

Maria Corrales

Mario Cristaldo

Mary Cuthbert

Janice Davis

Veronica Davis

Don Dinan

Arrington Dixon

David Donaldson

Marlena Edwards

Ronnie Edwards

Patricia Elwood

Jack Evans

George Fenderson

Tamara Ferrell-Zabala

Douglas Foster

Brian Footer

Lynn French

Charles Gaither

Heather Laverty

Grace Lewis

Estell Lloyd

Ann Loikow

Meaghan Lynch

Silvia Martinez

Stanley Mayes

David Meadows

Patricia Montegut

Selerya Moore

Regina Davis Moss

Anthony Muhammad

Candace Tiana Nelson

Aimee Occhetti

Philip Pannell

Lillian Perdomo

Ed Potillo

Denise Reed

Hector Rodriguez

Dianah Shaw

Anita Bellamy Shelton

Deborah Shore

James Sydnor

Joy Taylor

Philip Thomas

Romaine Thomas

Timothy Thomas

Juan Thompson

Shelley Tomkin

Christine Warnke

Jessica Wasserman

Dorinda White

Sheila White

Charles Wilson

Steve Slaughter

Earl Fowkles

Lee Wilson

Franklin Garcia

Martin Garcia

Camille Glover

Linda Gray

Phillip Hammond

George Holmes

Donald Isaac, Jr.

Lenwood Johnson

Patrick Kennedy

Sherri Kimbel

Steve Lanning

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